Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Perrys finished - 2nd Bttn of the Chasseurs D'Elbe

I have finally finished the Perrys French infantry - yaaay!!!

2nd Bttn command

Bttn flag detail - managed to get it nice and soft with PVA and mold it into shape.

The flag was printed and painted first, then the glue applied, molded to the staff and finally painted again with coats of Burnt Sienna to give it a richer more lustrous colour (hopefully more silk-like!)

2nd battalion on the march

The Chasseurs D'Elbe deploy

All my Chasseurs D'Elbe, three battalions of them, now have commands.  The idea is to be able to mix & match with up to an entire battalion deployed in skirmish order.  I now have a regimental command and a 1st and 2nd bttn commands (white and red bttn flags respectively, as per most Guard units).  I've done it using the Perrys metal sets (1 x regt & 1 x bttn cmds and 1 x casualty) which has given me six 12 figure battalions and two 14 figure bttns in three regiments (Chasseurs D'Elbe, the 19th & 55th Ligne) plus some extra casualty markers - 102 figures in total.  Quite a lot of painting!

Now time to begin the Victrix....

The plan is to try and record and post each stage of the process as I go.  We'll see.


  1. Very impressive work - good luck with the Victrix

  2. Thanks J - started the Victrix today - just base coating but I'll think I'll do them just a bttn at a time - that's three sticks of four figures each. Just enough to handle without going overboard.

  3. Very nice, especially the flag. I look forward to your Victrix.


  4. Some very nice units here, not to mention the painting. Very nice work.