Thursday, June 15, 2023

Time for another post!

 As I haven't posted since August last year I feel it's probably high time I posted again (maybe now a sort of bi-annual thing?)  No sooner recovered from the Covid and cardio then ended up with a detached retina. Three eye operations later its finally healed enough to resume painting - about an hour or two every other day!  Did I mention virtually nothing achieved for near on four months? Absolute torture! Suffice to say I've managed to make up for it with some figure sales and a few commission jobs (thanks Doug!) over the last month or so.  One thing all this didn't put a complete halt to were my ahem... acquisitions as it were ;-)  I appear to have acquired (and finished) a now virtually complete WWI German East African army - to be fair I did most of this last year ie. before my latest mishap! All that's needed now are a few bits and bobs for the Germans and a unit or two of KAR (Kings African Rifles) to go up against them. Brigade in the US have a fine range so no doubt the redoubtable Lon will be casting them up for me when I order them in the not-to-distant!  (*Subject to Ministerial approval of course)

The following are some of my German East African Schutzetruppen, Askari and African tribal allies painted up last year. 

WaHeHe irregulars

Schutzetruppen Maxim HMG

More German recruited irregulars - Ruga Ruga

German East Africa Company (OAK) Askari

Von Lettow-Vorbek (L) and Kriegsmarine officer

Askari Maxim

Schutzetruppen Offizier

Another major acquisition involved my Baron's War 'Outremer' Kickstarter featuring a beautiful mob of Paul Hicks sculpted Saracens, Crusaders and the like. These actually arrived during my eye op recovery and cheered me up no end. They have since been augmented by boxes and boxes of Gripping Beast versions of the same that I acquired in trades etc, and all awaiting my attention now I can at last actually SEE what I'm doing!  

As part of my cardio recovery therapy I painted up the second lot of my Back of Beyond armies (the first being the White Russians in my last post) - Chinese Nationalist, Warlord and mercenaries plus Mongol cavalry (mostly Copplestone). 

The last lot acquired were also some time in the making, namely the long-awaited Perry's plastic FPW French infantry. But boy were they worth that interminable wait as they are superb figures and will complete my FPW skirmish sets. I have three boxes to put together and paint (ie. a lotta figures!) but I've made up one box and the first figures are on the painting table as we speak - so hopefully something for a future post when I finish them. The most recent acquisition was unexpected but a very welcome addition to my Back of Beyond armies and the Mongols in particular being another full regiment of Copplestone Mongol tribal cavalry (North Star figures). So despite the figures already painted over the last 18 months there are now several hundreds more destined for the very crowded painting table!  

Another one from left field are some downed pilots which will come in handy for my BoB adventures (and as my planes keep being shot down!) There's also a female version and even a femme fatale 'companion' for the fat White Russian general to be painted - the next post I promise!

So long for now.

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