Saturday, October 31, 2009

Advance Guard command

Advance Guard - Uhlanen

Advance Guard Infantry Bde
- Warasdiner Grenzer

Austrian 'German' Infantry Division

Chevaux Leger Regt 'O'Riley', part of Cavalry Bde

Cavalry Bde - Elite Front Rank and Dixon? figures. Still need to acquire another battalion of grenadiers and some real 'wurst gun' mobile artillery. Just got a Front Rank version of Archduke Charles on rearing horse same as Bagration etc etc. Nice figure in the chunky FR way and should paint up into a good little command vignette.
Here are the armies, starting with the first I collected and painted, the Napoleonic Wars Austrians of about 1809. This is an 'Advance Guard' Division with a light cavalry brigade of hussars and Uhlans as well as and infantry brigade of Grenzer (Warasdiner regt.) and Hungarians - note the 3 pdr with the Grenz - with Div commander, ADC and escort.

Next is a Line Brigade consisting of elite German Regt. IR 4 Hoch & Deutschmeister, with attached Jaeger battalion. To their left is my Reserve Div (in the making) with two battalions of grenadiers to make up one the composite grenadier brigades and the start (just two 'flugel') of my now complete 16 figure cuirassier unit. Reserve Positional battery of 12 pdrs is in the foreground. Most of the figures are 'Elites', with some Foundry (the cuirassier) and some Connoisseur(?) thrown in for good measure. Wasn't too picky when I started - as long as they all fitted in together.