Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Mast

Regular visitors may notice some changes to the blog title & mast.  This is due to my deep envy of really, really good one's like Robert's 'Serrez les Rangs' etc, and a telling comment from my youngest who thought the title of quote, 'my nerd site' unquote to be, quote again 'too much - you should just call it 'Doc's!'

The nerd jibe aside ( I can hardly argue with that), I agreed with the observant little ... chap.

So I've changed it yet again to something more esthetically pleasing and making better use of some of my own artwork 'Grognard' - which my son suggested I keep in the title, although he didn't approve of the pipe-smoking (and neither do I, as bad for your health as a Russian musket ball as it too will make your eyes water, give you bad breath and a nasty cough).

Thank you all for putting up with my constant faffing about with the blog and, as always your comments are most welcome.


PS: Here's a nice pic of some GW Renaissance mercs - 'Dogs of War' - to make up for my faffin' about.

Arrrg - if he changes the @#$%&y blog once more we will keeel him!!!

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