Sunday, November 15, 2009

Painting Perry's

Further to my last post, here are pics of the stage by stage process of creating Perry's late French in a grungy 'campaign' look.  Being plastics, they present plenty of opportunities for simple conversions as well to give even more variation.  In this case I've turned one of the lads in a greatcoat into a drummer.

First after base-coating are the flat colours

Then the washes and highlighting

Basing, flocking & a coating of varnish (flat)  - gives a nice 'wet' look for a minute!

Finally done - the lads perhaps in a downpour - suitably 'feelthy Frogs' on the march!

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  1. Hi Mate
    They (the Perrys) look FANTASTIC! I've started on some myself, as well as some VICTRIX French.
    I ordered some Perry metals to go with the Perry Plastics, and look as if I'll get some rather dynamic looking units out of it. I only wish my painting skills match the quality of the figures.