Saturday, March 27, 2010

Instant wargaming table

A bit of a diversion from the usual but I thought I'd share what I've been up to lately.  Basically we are forming a new gaming group around the Black Powder rules and we needed some new tables.  As it happens I had several old doors left over from a home renovation I had done years ago and thought to put them to good use.  It was either that or they would finally end up being thrown in the skip!  Hey - my  greenie credentials are OK - doing my bit for the environment with a bit of recycling!

I started out with three (note the sizes also in feet & inches for the metrically challenged!): one 2035 x 700mm  (6' 8" x 2' 4") and two 820mm (2' 8") wide.  I cut the smaller one down to fit across the end of the other two laid flat, making it 1640mm (5' 5") wide.  Joined together you end up with a table area of 2760mm (9' & 1/2") long by 1640mm (5' 5") wide.

I apologise for the crappy photography!

In order to stop them sliding around I put some latches on the edges at the joints which are held in place by simply dropping a broad-head nail through!  Cheap as chips but effective.

 Note that when I cut off the bottom part of the door I left enough for a piece of framing timber to be cut and screwed into place to finish the leading edge.  A bit of masking tape covered the join.  

All that was left after than was a couple of coats of Dulux acrylic - in a nice dark olive green - a viola! one instant wargaming table that fits nicely over the top of the table-tennis table!  The beauty of it is that it can be easily taken apart and stacked somewhere out of the way - especially if somebody wants to play table-tennis rather than wargame.  Crazy talk I know, I mean... who would eh?

Now if I can just get the rest of the crap out of the garage I "ll be able to put on that wargame...



  1. Wow... A seven meters table! what a dream.
    However, I own also a tennis table so maybe.....
    Thanks for the idea!

  2. Rafa - its 2.76 meters or just over 9 feet long and 1.64 meters or 5 foot 5 inches wide. Not quite seven meters which is about as long as my garage! Decent game table nonetheless - as it just about overlaps a standard table-tennis table! Best part is that it breaks down into three separate boards that can be put away when you don't need them.