Friday, November 2, 2012

Going to a good home - some Sudan Campaign Camel Corp

Something right out of the box - the 'For sale' box that is!  As part of Doc's rationalizing of his lead pile (in order to raise much-needed funds for the War Chest that do NOT have to be approved by the Minister for War and Finance beforehand!) found some very nice Castaway Arts Sudan Campaign figures. These figures are the Egyptian Army of the Sudan Camel Corps - they can be found under Castaway's 'Colonial Egyptian' range on the site.

Don't complain Mohammad - my camel is just as bad-tempered as yours!

As is his want, Gerry produces some of the more eclectic ranges of figures that are not otherwise well represented by better known manufacturers.  And very nice they are too.  I particularly like his animal sculpting - his camels are particularly good (check his Sumerian donkeys out as well!)

The officer figure with a nice bit of cutlery - he doesn't look particularly secure perched on the camel like that!

I painted and based them on a whim as I just had to see what they looked like done up.  Now I've painted them I only wish I collected more!  I have to say Castaway's figures are not cheap but they do offer extensive ranges of otherwise unusual or hard to get figures - the Colonial Egyptians being a good example.

Dismounted Camel Corp with command stand - the officer shaking his fist ("Curse you Mahdi!") is actually an ensign - anyone buying it can add the guidon of their choice!

Well, that's enough of me spruiking for Castaway - I want to sell my figures - not his!  Anyway, I've got to shift a lot of others - bits of everything but mainly Napoleonics and mostly Russians.  Just thought I'd post this lot before they (hopefully) sold as they just looked so nice!

The Blog Management apologises for this brief interruption to service - normal transmission will be resumed as soon as possible!

 Right Abdul - I've had enough of this - let's go home!

The next unusual lot to finish will be a command unit of Napoleon's Camel Corp in Egypt!  And that should just about exhaust my supply of camels, which is good as I have a truck-load of Franco Prussian Wars figures still to finish (groan).



  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Lurk - bit of a forlorn hope just at the moment but ya never know with this hobby!

  2. brilliant, Doc, love that shade of blue, and camels look amazing as always :)

  3. Great looking figures and crisp colors, Doc. Very inspiring work. Love your variety of interests. Best, Dean

  4. I like this group. The pose with the camel laying down is really nice. I wish you the best on this. We all live for new lead!

  5. Castawy produce some lovely figures that do not seem to get the exposure they deserve. The lovely paint job certainly helps! Good luck with the War Chest.