Friday, September 2, 2011

Doc's Warhammer fantasy stuff

I was trying to finish off the Prussians - inching towards that goal incrementally - more by millimetres than inches!   But I recently discovered that I had in fact run out of space to store them.  The only solution (acceptable to the Minister of War & Finances, She-Who-Must-Be-Obeyed) was to get rid of a few figures.  They're all my 'children' - how can you get rid of one lot over another? Shouldn't all children be loved equally?

Some 'eavy Orcs!

The answer to this dilemma was the most obvious - those I haven't touched in years - should be the first to be considered.  I started with all the old Warhammer/fantasy armies I collected and painted up for my sons over the years.  Two of them - the Undead and the Orcs - I literally hadn't touched in nearly a decade!  But first I had to see what I had and fix up any bits that needed fixing.  I also had to ask the permission of the boys who I collected the armies for in the first place.  The owner of the Orcs was unfazed - he hadn't been interested in 10 years and wouldn't be again any time soon - more interested in any money I could get for them!

'ordes of Orcs!

The 'owner' of the Undead took a quite different view.  He chucked a wobbly over it.  No matter that I hadn't even gotten to the point of actually cataloguing what I had (and no, he wouldn't have a clue either - he also hadn't touched them in over ten years!)  The end of the tale was that after listing them all and fixing them up, back they went into the boxes to gather dust for another decade.  Ironically its touching that he actually appreciated what I did for him all those years ago, whereas the other two who didn't kick up a fuss, couldn't give a monkey's about the figures.  Funny old world innit?

Orc Shaman an' some Orc Arraboyz

Meanwhile, I've recorded what I've got - and mighty proud of the painting effort, given my relative lack of experience at the time.  So I thought I'd post the pics of them at least.  The Orcs will soon be going on Ebay (unless anyone viewing this blog wants to make a generous offer!) but the Undead will have to moulder in their undead-ness (in my garage) for another eon or two... [sigh]

Undead Necromancer & Armoured Skels

Some more Undead gruesomeness...

Vampire Lords & their batswarms - amongst the first figures I ever painted!

Nagash - the Undead Lord - unfortunately no longer part of the Undead 
- but a nice collector's item you'd think!

One of the figures I'm most proud of - a mounted Vampire Lord.
Took a bit of trial & error but I finally got the ghastly flesh-tone right!
One of GW's best figures IMO.

One of the first vignettes I ever attempted was that for the Orc general who I think went by the name of Morgrimm Necksnapper!  Went to town adding gruesome bits and pieces of slain opponents from a 'deboned' Brettonian Knight (well, the head and spine anyway!) and a cleaved dwarf with a splitting headache!  It'll be part of the Orc army that's for sale (if I can sell it that is!)

Amongst the other Orcs up for grabs will be the ghastly Nightgoblins.  I particularly like their shaman with his magic mushrooms and the hilarious goblin beserkers.  The latter operate kind of like whirling dervishes - with wrecking balls.  Once let loose their trajectory is determined by the dice and they literally blast through anything in their rather erratic path - friend or foe. 

Last but not least is one of the original Orc catapults - rocklobbas - just picked them up in bits and pieces at the trade stands at various cons and put them all together.  A rather special crew, one of whom is rather rude orc mooning his intended targets while his grinning companion looks on.  

There is a lot more but I think that's enough for me for the time being - gotta finish those damned Prussians!

If anyone is interested in an Orc army in all its gruesome green orkiness - leave a comment or send an email to:



  1. Impressive work all around. Those hand-painted banner designs are really nice too. Best, Dean

    P.S. I'm sure your sons all appreciate what you did for them - even if they don't say it that way.

  2. You deserve a good price for those, Doc. It's always fun to root around old parts of one's collection and compare the standard of painting and the sort of things we collected when younger.

  3. Paint more Prussians!

    Good luck on the sale.


  4. Thanks for the comments all. Dean - you're right of course. Had fun with the banners too - the back of the Boarboyz one says 'Say no the bacon!'
    Giles - how true - the whole exercise was a real trip down memory lane. I think the painting standard about the same - it just took me twice as long in those days! Helen - I've just finished the Prussians and will post the results in a few days.