Sunday, August 22, 2010


Nearly finished the Confederate VMI figures.  Completed painting last night and will do the basing today which has presented a bit of a dilemma.  I previously had my 28mm ACW based three figures to a 60mm x 20mm stand, which was fine for Black Powder.  As I have 16 figures for the infantry I think I'll have to set them out at four to a 60 x 20 otherwise I always end up with one figure left over and the command stand has two standards plus officer and drummer.  It should look OK.  I had thought they were a bit rough but put together and painted, they actually look great - nicely animated and just like in the Don Troianni painting!  Brave lads!

Before I finish them with the basing and varnish etc, here are a few WIP shots on the disaster that is my work desk in the crowded study.  Shouldn't whinge - at least I've got one which is more than some!

I'm also pleased at how the guns have turned out as I confess to having doubts about the colour scheme - but it is accurate and on the table the Feds will be in no doubt who's shooting at 'em!  Really nice gun models too - mercifully in perfect scale for 28mm.

Note the kneeling artilleryman - bit of a strange figure in the pack without the requisite numbers of arms usually allocated to artillerymen.  They have since been requisitioned and retrofitted to keep him from falling flat on his face.  A great improvement.  The casualty figure is another bonus and will grace the casualty marker I will devise for the unit.  The next pics will be of the based completed unit.  YEEEHAH! [Insert appropriate Rebel yell]


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