Sunday, November 29, 2015

Doc's WWII Italians and a Perry's Portee

After the dust from 'Little Wars' settled I decided I had to extractus digitus and finish my North African theatre Italians, in particular the Bersaglieri that I got from Warlord at such a bargain. Having converted a four-section platoon over to the feather heads, I had to do the support weapons too about 50 figures in all so its taken a few weeks. Also had to convert the Warlord Elefantino AT to Bersaglieri and ordered in the superb quality Perry version. 
Bersaglieri section of 10 with an LMG team, NCO (with SMG) and seven rifles (carbinieri)
The original Warlord Elefantino AT
and with the Bersa heads.
The Perrys version of the Elefantino AT
The Perry's Elefantino AT has much finer detail - and a skinny VERY bendable barrel!

The Bersaglieri support weapons required a bit of conversion work to make a set for each platoon but they've turned out well enough.

My favourite is the command stand with a rather foppish officer (with a handful of gloves!) and a radio operator. Nice figures.


LMG team
Infantry command with officer & two runners
The sergeant directs  his section
Bersaglieri platoon with support section

As nice as the Bersaglieri turned out the one that really floated my boat was the Perry's 2 pdr AT portee mounted on a light Morris truck. I have to say it was quite a challenge to make but usefully they put a guide on their site (good idea guys!) which gave me a direction.  Such a nice model I constructed it bit by bit and painted as I went so that all finishes - even the ones not visible - are up to the same standard.  A bit anal I know but I got caught up with it and ended working into the wee hours to finish it properly.  Absolutely knackered me it did - but happy with the result!

They certainly packed a lot of stuff into that little truck including a crew of four. Lying down on the gun trail arm like that to fire the gun would  have required nerves of steel and the ability of a circus contortionist. Very squeezy in the back of that truck!

 Got some Napoleonic Austrians on the production line next - but only after I've finished my WWII AFVs - my Italian Semovente supergun, tankettes, Autoblinda Recce car and a troop of Stuart Honeys. Just got some vehicle insignia from Company B in the US which are fiddly enough to probably finally drive me round the bend (already there says my wife!)

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