Friday, May 8, 2015

More Mamelukes

Managed to get get another 16 or so done including  the Murad Bey or Ibrahim Bey Mameluke leader figures (white beards!) The Brigade Games figures are really nice although the horses do suffer from the at times fatal 'weak ankle (fetlock?)' disease. Basically they are well animated poses but not as solidly attached to their bases as they might be. Using the hot glue gun to mount them on wooden paddle-pop sticks for painting proved too much for several of them - one of which had to be pinned to the base - a major pain-in-the-bum. Still, they look great once mounted and finished.

'Murad Bey' in the yellow on the grey, accompanied with the standard bearer.

Rear detail - command stand

Mamaluke minor Bey (officer sort) with trumpeter
Mameluke NCO type
Muskets which they could fire -accurately - from the saddle at the gallop!

I'm calling these two scouts

Pistols - they had a brace which they would fire off at the last minute

'Murad Bey' command stand - detail

There are another eight in the works to finish them off, then its Turkish infantry - Janissary or Nizam. I think. There's another 40 or so cavalry (siphahi etc) to do as well. A really colourful army to collect and I noticed Brigade have come out with more figures including Albanian mercenaries.  I feel another order coming on!

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