Friday, August 22, 2014

Wagons Ho! or the truckin' Cantinierre

I mentioned many posts ago that I had completed the Perry's French Napoleonic supply wagon replete with surly looking driver and cantinierre demurely perched next to him.  Then I promptly lost all the photos I took of it and other events (games, projects etc,) overtook things. Well I've been arse-up, head-down and beavering away with the WWII 'Air Assault' project and the battle of Galatas in particular, in between a bit more figure painting (my Austrian hussars are coming along sooo sloooowly...) and perfecting my tea-light 'explosions' when, by sheer accident, I found all the old Perry's wagon pictures.

So without further ado, I present the French supply wagon with tart er... cantinierre mon Ami. Je suis sûr que c'est une fille très gentille! Nes pa? Certainement!

The model comes packed to the gills with steamer trunks and other crap - probably belonging to the officers!

It also comes with a removable canvas cover.

Wagon (&) Ho!

The wagon with a full loads of officer's spare undies etc, would have weighed several tonnes and would have been tough for two skinny nags to haul around even on a good road.  Most of the roads in Europe - and particularly those in Poland and Russia for instance, must have been a nightmare and organising supply trains of these wagons would have been a logistical nightmare. It took nearly a hundred or so of these for a brigade - can you imagine what it took to support over half a million men marching into Russia?

Anyhow, it was a beautifully cast metal model and fit together quite well.  As you can see, once painted up and so on, it makes quite a decent vignette in its own right.  Anyway, back to painting those hussars and once more working my way through the lead mountain!

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