Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Dandy King

Went to a car boot sale at a place called Marulan outside of Goulburn.  There's an irregular bring-and-buy for all the regional gamers - in the Minister for War and Finance's home town no less, how rich is that? While it grinds her gears to think of us nerds invading her sacred home town (of the three-men-and-a-dog variety) we wargaming types find it very convivial and convenient [grin].  At one of these sales I bought a job lot of Napoleonic Foundry figures, mainly French infantry but one of the bags was an assortment of mounted officers.  I had a look at them the other day and lo and behold - Napoleon, Ney, an aide-de-camp and Murat!  These are all the old Foundry figures and the ones of Ney and Murat are particularly good.  Couldn't resist it - I needed a cavalry general and got a Marshal of the Empire - bargain!  He's perfect for my hordes of French cavalry, so I had to paint him up, which I did last night.

The Dandy King
Although he is an old Foundry 25mm, and a bit stunted against the 28mm Perry's, he still fits in OK. The figure is based on the Gros portrait with Murat in his King of the Two Sicilies outfit (who's a pretty boy then?)

The portrait on which the figure is based - should have added a bit more white on the belly of his tiger pelt when I painted him.

Rear view of the Murat figure - see what I mean about the tiger? I'll have to fix that up.

Murat at the head of his dragoons, circa 1807?  Love the hat Joachim!

Well, that's it.  My little indulgence this arvo.  Might do the Ney figure next but I'm really just putting off painting the small avalanche of lead that awaits patiently on the painting table.

Cheers for now.



  1. Very nice Doc and a good find as well!

  2. Nice find and nice painting. I missed Marulan this year.


  3. Great job, I look forward to seeing more Napoleonics.


  4. Lovely work Doc, just the ticket for your cavalry.



  5. Thanks for the kind comments one and all - doing the odd personality figure is great fun - and you don't get much more 'personality' than Joachim Murat AKA 'the Dandy King'!

  6. Can't you just imagine the Gros Talons sniggering behind his back?!

    Lovely work, Doc.