Saturday, July 24, 2010

TYW interlude

While I finish my uni paper off and then the dragoons, I decided to post some figures I did for my Thirty Years War Polish with German & Scottish mercenary Pike & Shotte.  You may note I've tarted up the blog a bit too - thought I'd give it a bit of a make-over with the new blogger design tools they've thoughfully provided.  Dunno if I like it as I changed the layout as well and it'll take a bit of getting use to.  I may tinker further till satisfied.

Herewith the Warlords Games figure that came with an issue of WI.  Not a bad figure and if I didn't have a full compliment of TYW shotte  I'd be tempted to invest in a box or two.  In fact the Warlord site has a few deals going - free postage for July and the new Dragoons set of 12 mounted + 12 foot for $UK30 - not bad.  Horses are plastic but riders and foot are metal.  If you're into the period its a quick way to build TYW or ECW armies. 

While the figures don't have the elegance or finesse of Perrys (I also freely admit my bias here) they are quite OK and compare well enough to other ranges, particularly the Foundry figures of which form the bulk of my TYW armies.

This lot are my 'Wiessfrocken' lads with a cross of St Andrews flag which would/could make 'em Scots mercs fielded with the (Catholic) German Imperialists.  As mentioned earlier, most are Foundry with a leavening of 'others' of indeterminate make - like the beardy men in hoodies nursing their muskets and a few of the lairy types in front with the feathery 'ats!

The regimental command includes a converted pikeman as ensign - definitely one of yer fearsome hairy Highland types rather than a downy-cheeked Bonnie Prince Charlie lad!

On 'tother side are more German/ & Scots mercs fighting as the infantry for a Polish army of the period and yes, that is a Prinny Rupert figure behind them doffing his hat!

I take perverse pleasure in my dirty great Culverin battery with (naturlik) German gunners (& a master gunner no less in helmet that can also pass for an engineer) with a Polish officer in charge of  course.  The guns are Games Workshop and the figures Foundry, Old Glory(?) and other indeterminate makes again.  Note the Polish hetman and his cossack escort in the background - my Polish command stand.

Had to work in some Perrys somewhere - here in the command for the cuirassier (the trumpeter and the two guys in the natty blue sashes) - the other figures are Foundry & Redoubt.  The standard is inscribed in Latin with "Semper in Excretum - Sed Sol Profundium Variant'  - or 'Always In the S*!# - Its Only The Depth That Varies'.

I admit I enjoy gaming with them almost as much as the Napoleonics - but haven't had the opportunity for a while.  I'm waiting for the expanded version of Black Powder which, I am told, will cover that period.  Now THAT will be fun to do.

As always, click on the pics to see the enlargement and feel free to leave comments or queries to which I will endeavor to reply.



  1. Beautiful figures... shadows of Alatriste, the ficticious Spanish Captain
    Best regards

  2. Very impressive. I have been tempted by the ECW/TYW after seeing the Warlord ECW stuff in person - very nice stuff and lots of creative options. I'd love seem some pictures of your army in a battle.

    Well done, as usual

    Take care,

  3. Yet another period I must resist. Pike & shot are cool, though. I recall the period engravings in books always impressed me with the massed units. Not to mention the huge cannon and other inventions. Dean

  4. Pike & Shot are very cool and a lot of fun to game. I use Warhammer ECW - the rules themselves are based on the tried and true Warhammer, copiously illustrated and well set out - very similar in fact to Black Powder too (no surprises as it also involved John Stallard, Rick Priestley, Jervis Johnson, the Perrys etc). The good thing is, with different command stands, you can put together any European army for TYW games too. There is available an attached version for Eastern Europe and Polish Commonwealth armies for the same period to give even greater variety. Which is great as I have a Polish army I like to game! The proliferation of plastics like Warlord sells just makes it even easier to get started. You can get into it relatively quickly as the painting is pretty straight forward for most figures - a lot less fiddly than Napoleonic or other later periods. Sorry - raving again. The best recommendation: just do it - its fun!


  5. very impressive alright i keep looking at ecw, i've painted some for otheres but never for myself but looking at yours does tempt me.