Sunday, April 11, 2010

Perry's French Dragoons (dismounted)

The following are the French dragoons dismounted - effectively the dismounted figures from two boxes with about half a dozen conversions with other arms and heads etc, from other Perry's Napoleonic sets.  A total of 16 figures - enough for two 12 figure regiments dismounted.

Dragoon skirmish line
 Elite company in front
Dragoon skirmish line emerges from the orchard
 Junior officer and company brigadier
Dragoon skirmishers emerge from the apple orchard
Elite company
Dragoons forward!
 L'mort de Legere

I love these figures - I think they are the best of the Perry's 28mm plastics to date. I'll have to tackle the mounted dragoons next, but before that I have some mutinous Sepoys to paint!


  1. Oh man, those came out great! And the out-of-doors photos are awesome. I wasn't in a hurry to get these guys, since I'm waiting for the Hussars to be released, but your work has got me really interested. And these are only the dismounted guys! Dean

  2. Lovely work, Doc. I particularly like the head swaps - very inventive.

    Best wishes


  3. A great job... adequate for skirmish games?

  4. Splendid! I salute you, mon ami! They really look the part.

    What a great time to be into Napoleonic wargaming in 28mm.

  5. Thanks for the kind comments guys - much appreciated.

    Rafa - skirmish game: why not? They'd be perfect for a Spanish campaign battle up against figures like Dean's desperado guerrillas in some isolated village!

    We are spoiled for choice in 28mm Napoleonics at present - and it'll only get better with each manufacturer trying to outdo the other with the next release - we're all the beneficiaries!

    Unfortunately my forthcoming figure-painting and posts may be a bit sporadic as I'm starting to fall behind with my uni work. Hopefully once I get it over and done within the next few months I'll be able to get stuck into all things wargaming properly.

    Thanks for all the encouragement so far - if only I had time to paint more!