Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Last stages of finishing the Perry's French Cuirassiers

After many delays, pfaffin' about, experimentation and so on, the first batch of cuirassiers - 8 figures of the 5th Regt. - are now complete.

I still used washes over the colours and even the flesh to get the tone I wanted before finishing with the Army Painter - far too many steps perhaps to do them quickly.  But as I had so many interruptions to my painting I used each uninterrupted session to plan out the painting.  This worked out better in the long run - particularly for the horses - which I wanted to get right.  Hopefully I have achieved this.

After finishing the painting I put the Quickshade Strong tone on (the mid range one) by brush.

After this I realised that the tone made some things a bit too dark and 'muddied' some of the white highlights.  I ended up doing the white gloves, belts and the grenade design on the saddlecloth.  The last bit was annoying - I can't paint small details that well and having it slightly raised in the sculpt would have been more helpful. I also redid the swords as the tone made them look a bit dirty.  After the final paint touch-ups I made the bases - I always do my own with board and adhesive backed  magnetic sheets.
Next step was the flocking to finish off the bases, then outside for a decent coat of matt varnish.

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