Friday, January 6, 2017

A bit of fun with the WWII Italians

Nothing particularly wargamey about this post as I haven't managed to have one over the Xmas New Years break BUT we have been busy finishing our latest Italians for the forthcoming third battle of our Greece Campaign. Basically got all the WWII Italians Regio Esercito and Aussies 2/7th (and assorted armour etc) out to count 'em up and see what gaps there are - trouble is you can always think of more! Really must.not.collect.more.figures!!! (Easier said than done of course - and bugger New Year's resolutions!)  So, the Italian collection and then a few 'action' vignettes.

The Italian Regio Esercito: air, armour and infantry.

The 'lights' - recon AVs and Bersaglieri. Full platoon of Bersas with 4 x squads of ten with a Breda LMG and under an NCO with a Baretta SMG and supported by a Breda MMG, 81mm medium mortar, 47/32 Elefantino AT gun and 20mm Solothurn AT rifle teams. The scout AVs are 2 x Autoblinda 41s, an Autoblinda Lince (Lynx) scout (identical to the British Dingo) and 2 x Sahariana scouts.

The Italian Royal Army regulars, armour and guns. Three ten man squads with the same supports as the Bersas plus a sniper team, forward observer (with radio) and 20mm AA gun (but minus the Solothurn rifle which I've still to make up). The guns are a Canone da 75/27 (75mm) light artillery with four crew and the awesome Semovente 90/53.  The armour is one Semovente 47/32 and a 75/18 Self-Propelled (Assault) Guns, 2 x M13/40 and a M14/41 medium tank. And how could I forget the mighty L3/35 tankette squad including the AT Solothurn and flame-thrower versions.

Italian recon scout group on the move!

The Bersaglieri Moto Guzzi squad. Unfortunately nobody makes 'em in 28mm so I converted three Warlord DAK Kradshutzen and yes the NCO is carrying an MP40 SMG - until I find a Baretta barrel! One of the bikes has a Breda LMG mounted on the handlebar.

The mighty Semo 90/53 with Semo crew carrier  and ammo trailer - Perry's crew (the 90 is a Company B model).

Business end of the Semo 90. Luckily for the Allies they didn't have that many and only available from early '42.

The Semo AGs come under fire.

The M13/40 squad - avanti!

Brewed up - run before she blows!

Mi arrendo!

If I get the time I'll post the Aussie 2/7th collection next.

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