Sunday, August 9, 2015

Break out from el Alamein: Bolt Action @ Jost Games - part 2

In addition to my own photos Andrew kindly sent me shots he and others had taken of the other games at Jost.  Featured are those superb French Foreign Legion as well as some very nice (and I'm told very successful) DAK, 8th Army and of course the Italians.  The end result of the ten(?) games played that day reflected history with heavy Allied losses but an overall victory (points around 39 to 47?) The DAK won several of their encounters but I think the Italians lost all of theirs - albeit very narrowly. Anyway, an enjoyable day's gaming at an excellent venue. Enjoy the extra photos.

DAK assault on town held by Free French
Afrika Korps close in on Foreign Legion defenders
Legion Armoured Car in middle of town comes under direct assault from bold DAK

2nd turn for my 2nd game - note Italian Solothurn AT team skulking in the rocks to the right - they put a lot of holes in my Stuart (just racing past the lumbering Cruiser) 

Wasn't aware there were any ancient monuments near Alamein (otherwise an isolated crumbling railway halt) but magnificent scenery nonetheless through which a squadron of British Cruisers (or is it Crusaders?) drive & fan out.
Italian 13/40 brews on Crusader up while a Semovente looks like its about to cop it in the side as British armour seizes their objective

8th Army attack Italian strongpoint
Yours Truely under the watchful gaze of BA Rules Guru Andrew contemplating just how many of my exposed Aussies are likely to survive long enough to assault the town... while my opponent dices to see how many he shoots down this time 'round. His para's Elefantino AT put holes in both my armour and my men to equal effect!
Italians versus French Foreign Legionaires (I think) - dunno the outcome of this one but the French looked debonair as usual (see previous post for some close-ups)
Thanks for looking. Off painting Napoleonic Bavarians for some odd reason - just tidying up my Bavarian Brigade when I 'discovered' I had enough unpainted figures for three more battalions! Clearly some painting has to be done.

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