Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Franco-Prussian War French army finished

Back from my little break down the coast where (much to my wife's disgust) I took the last of my French line down with my little painting 'traveling kit'.  I think it ground her gears simply because she was the one who suggested the 'traveling kit' - even supplying an old metal cosmetics case for the purpose.  Perhaps she thought I wouldn't take her seriously (one should ALWAYS take one's Minister of War and Finance seriously!)  LOL - I thought it was a great idea and it worked perfectly!

All the figures for the 48th are Castaways save for the drummer (Kitney&Co - with a different head) and the bearer, a Foundry figure. 
The flag is my own creation.

In the early hours after my walk along the beach I'd relaxed with a cup of tea and a paintbrush - finishing the 2nd Battalion of the 48th Regiment and a mounted Brigadier.  All I had to do when I got home was a few touch-ups and the basing. 

 Mon General from ze back!  The lace on the sleaves was gold to denote rank whereas the rest was commonly black.

While doing the basing for the 48th also made up my French cavalry commander and his Guard Lancer escort (good use for an extra figure too) - again Foundry figures from their wonderful FPW range. 

 The 48th and the 36th (three battions of each) made up the Line brigades of the 3rd Division, along with the 2nd Zouaves and the 2nd Tirailleurs Algeriens (Turkos) - uniform-wise, a very colourful division.

1st and 2nd Battalions, 48th Line Regiment.

Just doing a few prone markers (lying down shooting figures) and that'll be it for now.  Still some 60 odd foot to paint if I've a mind too but that'll do for the time being, besides which my mate Doug has found me a brigades-worth of Wurttemburgers that'll need doing. 

 Oui Mon General - zat ees a truckload of painting!

The price for that and a regiment of Pomeranian hussars will be painting up another brigade for him - more Turkos!  Between us we'll be able to field pretty much all of MacMahon's 1st Corps - at least that's the plan - so we can do a Black Powder demo of Spicheren or Froschwiller at the next con.

A full Corp of figures - tell 'im e's dreamin' Pierre!

Well, that's about it for now.  Might photo the full French army and post it but now I must away to finish required domestic chores from a very, very long list thoughtfully provided by the Minister (She Who Must Be Obeyed) who will expecte them done by the time she gets home.  Discovery of extra blogging being commited without said tasks completed may result in a summary execution.

           Doc (the foolhardy)


  1. Beautiful work and even more impressive when you painted them! I love French in red trousers - someday. Best, Dean

  2. Excellent work Doc. Very impressive.

  3. Good use of time and excellent work but foolhardy sir.....

  4. Excellent work, but I suspect it will be very costly down the road as "executive management" collects on the debt. Hmmm, let's see - for me painting on vacation usually requires payment in the form of either building something in the house, tribute delivered via shiny baubles in a little box or (shudder) the promise to devote less time to hobbies (gaming or sailing) - what a Hobbesian choice that is!

    I would very much like to see some photos of the full army - they really are wonderful figures

  5. When I take my traveling kit all I have to do is pull it out. My wife then happily and automatically goes shopping for clothes. Both happy, and I do not have to remark on this outfit or this scarf etc.

    Anyway very nice figures.


  6. Excellent figs, look very nice!

  7. Waiting for the mitralleuses!

  8. Love the period, well done on your latest painted units.



  9. Great looking figures. Just curious, but what does the travelling kit consist of?


  10. Cheers Matt, the kit is some selected pots of paint - usually all the base colours plus metallics for the figures - and a few washes. I put in a selection of brushes, a waterfast finetip black pen, a pair of tweezers, a mixing dish (old jar lid) brush cleaning cloth and a small tea box with the figures. The whole lot is held down with a sheet of bubble wrap so things don't jiggle around. Worked like a charm!


  11. That is some great attention to detail, it looks fantastic.

  12. you really always have the best figures and colours, Doc! And such variety!