Monday, January 4, 2010

Some more LOTR - its troll hammer-time!

I realised with my last post that I may have mentioned 'humungous troll' quite a few times and claimed he was worth at least three normal figures.  Actually, considering you have to build him, bog him (and no, its not troll toilet training!) before painting - he's taken more time than three normal figures.  In fact I spent as much time on him as at least a dozen LOTR 28mm figures.

While I am not into fantasy figures that much I must admit they can be great to paint.  I had to mix my own troll blue flesh colour and used a number of washes, then blended it into the off-white flesh.  The eyes too are a nice glowing cat's yellow - I paused the first movie quite a few times to get a good look at the troll's eyes so I could get it right!

To prove the point, here is Mr. Troll.  A few pics of him being mercilessly teased by some nasty Minis Tirith tin-plated bullies, poor old troll.

Hey baldy!
GRRRR - stop teasing you guys!

'Dude, that chain is lame - soooo Seventies y'know?'
GRRR - that's it - HAMMER TIME!!!

A 'bullies-eye' view or  "methinks we have soiled our chainmail!"

Sorry, no Rohan either - perhaps another time.



  1. Great painting on the troll!

    Best wishes


  2. Thanks Giles

    Fantasy is not really my cup of tea - but I did enjoy painting him.



  3. Hi
    Glad to see you are also a Tolkien's fan!
    Baruk Khazad, Khazad ai menu!