Saturday, January 16, 2010

Perrys Cuirass & more casualty markers

At long last have started on the Perrys cuirassier - just doing them in batches of eight at a time.  First up will be the command.  I've started with laying down a metallic colour first but have also done the base for the blue using a Ral Partha Dark Blue which I find to be the closest to the actual French uniform blue - which is so close its almost black.  Some of the examples I've seen from the Musee De Armee in Paris show this. 

I've also made up a few more casualty markers using the casualty figures out of the same Perrys Heavy Cav box.  I've done a little light conversion work on them using other heads & bits from their infantry set - and a lot more on the British figure to turn him into a French casualty. 

Apologies for the rough photography but these are WIP jobs!