Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Victrix - 1st Regt of Line, Kingdom of Italy

Some better shots of the regimente  complete including skirmishers and casualty marker - the latter surprisingly hard to photo properly - although being a dead'un, one can't blame him for not standing up properly to get his picture taken!

Skirmish stand using the kneeling figures and a Perry's 40x45mm plastic base.

Skirmishers forward!

Grenadier company and voltigeurs

2nd Battalion command

2nd Batalione

1st Regimente d'Lina - Grenadier Coy

1st Regimente - rear view

Bring out yer dead! Some more casualty markers from the Perrys casualty set and the Heavy Cav box (the Italian dead'un) - got another three 'in the works'.

On that somber note salute! - we've only got the other half of the Victrix box to do, some 28 figures plus a 4 figure Grenadier command, all of which I will also do as Italians to make up an Italian Brigade.  But I may leave that for a while as I really want to start on the cuirassiers which I have already assembled and primed.  As usual, please feel free to add a comment or two on this or any of my earlier posts such as the 20mm figures - does anybody wish to see more or less of them? Or should I just focus on the 28mm collection and painting?  I'd be interested on other blogger's views.

Cheers for now.

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