Wednesday, January 6, 2010

2nd Empire French (Franco-Prussian War)

While I struggle to complete the second battalion of Italians (soooo close - just faces & metalics to finish/do) here are some shots of my 'other French' army (Napoleon II - FPW).  Its colourful and I completed it last year - although I still have another brigade's worth of Castaway Arts figures of French Line to do if I choose to.  The entire collection are mainly Foundry, filled out with Castaways, an Australian company that does a very nice line of FPW that compliments the Foundrys quite well.  I am progressing the completion of their Prussian adversaries (again all Foundry figures save for a few Castaways Uhlans), with the cavalry nearly completed - just a regt of dragoons to finish - but two brigades of infantry and an artillery battery still to do. 

When I started the collection in 2007(?) I first completed the Guard - all Grenadier and Voltigeur regiments.  I've since sold the Grenadiers but did record them before I did so. 

The army now consists of two brigades of line (one of them Algerian Turkos & Zouaves), one of Guard Voltigeurs, one cavalry bde - Guard Lancers and Chasseurs d'Afrique - and two artillery batteries @ 2 guns & a Mitrailleuse - a nicely balanced wargaming army.

French Guard Zouaves (French officers are Maximilian Adventure Foundry figs)

French Line Turkos

French Line Bde advancing - mix of Foundry & Castaway figures

Chasseurs d'Afrique (best French cav unit of the war)

French Guard Lancers

French Line Bde (incl Zouaves)

French arty battery with the much misunderstood Mitrailleuse

The Guard now long gone (sigh)
Well, that's it for now for the FPW collection, I will post the Prussians when I get around to doing them. but the 1st Empire stuff takes priority for now.



  1. Great looking figures and an interesting era

  2. Absolutely fantastic and very nice to see the Castaway range included.


  3. Great stuff, Doc. I've always had a soft spot for the Foundry F-PW line, and you've done them proud.

    Best wishes


  4. Thanks guys - I do miss the Guard but am quite happy with what I still have. I've played them a few times now but have only managed (barely) one draw - the Prussians, who don't look as nearly as pretty - keep giving them a kicking!

    Matt - Castaway have an increasingly comprehensive line of FPW. I've tried to convince Mike to do a Krupps gun to go with the Prussian artillerymen but he's too gun-shy! The accessories he does are great though and I used his jezzails for my 16thC Polish Haiduks - a perfect fit with their dirty great choppers too!

    You're right Giles, the Foundry line are excellent, which is why I've decided I'll be keeping these!