Sunday, January 3, 2010

The end of 2009: odds & sods & painting stats

Visiting Vinnie's site (Lonely Gamers ) I looked up that for a former partner in Elite Australia, Scott Robertson (wab-ramblings (click on photos for better view) and noticed that he was/is into Lord of the Rings figures.  Like Scott I also grew up with Tolkien and was besotted with Peter Jackson's amazing movies and the Perry brothers LOTR figures - they actually came out to NZ and visited Jackson while the movie was being made.  The Perry's also designed an amazing range of WWI figures for the Gallipoli campaign for Jackson, who is also a big military history enthusiast - you can see them on the Perry's site - pity in a way they weren't for commercial release - BUT I digress!

I remembered when tallying my painting stats for 2009 all the LOTR figures I collected and painted for my youngest who was a mad LOTR enthusiast (alas its now just AFL football but that's 11 year olds for you - I've still got the LOTR armies!)  My stats for 2009 are looking a whole lot better with these taken into calculation!  Here are a few shots of the them - Saruman and his Uruk-hai and Gandalf and the goodies including the Hobbits, Aragorn, Legolas and Boromir  but no Gimli the dwarf king - he was impossible to collect!

Saruman and his bad lads - and a bit of an elf

and the good guys - they're great figures to paint - Gandalf was a real challenge 

I also painted up a humungous cave troll which I really enjoyed doing as well as hordes of orcs, Warg riders and the beautifully sculpted Riders of Rohan.  So without further ado, ahem...   the painting stats for 2009:

25mm TYW 

Two regiments of Pike & Shot (Foundry) 
1 artillery battery (German mercs with Polish cmdr) - 2 guns
1 regt dismounted dragoons
1 regt Spanish lancers

2 x command vignettes (3 mtd figures)

Total: 102 foot, 15 mounted, 2 guns

25mm Napoleonic

1 Bde of 5 bttns of Line (Perrys)
1 Regt Guard of 3 bttns (Perrys)
1 mtd General of Division (Perrys)
1 bttn of Italians (Victrix)
1 Regt Russian Line (Elite)
1 Baden Regt of 3 bttns (Foundry) + 1 mtd cmdr
1 Regt Cossacks + 2 mtd cmdrs (Platov & Bagration) (Front Rank)
1 Regt Bavarian Chev-leger (Foundry)
1 Regt Baden Chev-leger (Front Rank)
1 French Horse arty battery - 4 guns & 1 limber (Elite & Old Glory)
1 bavarian Foot battery- 3 guns  (Foundry)

Total: 200 foot, 37 mounted, 7 guns & 1 limber

25mm Franco-Prussian War

1 Regt Kuirassier (Foundry)
1 Regt Uhlans (Foundry & Castaway)
1 Regt French Line (Castaway) + 1 mtd cmdr (Foundry)

Total: 24 foot, 21 mounted

25mm LOTR

13 mtd Rohan
60 foot Rohan, Boromir's lads

6 Gandalf & co (incl hobbits)

6 Warg riders
1 humungous troll (counts as three!)
20 Orcs
36 Uruk Hai
4 Saruman, Uruk-hai & orc cmdrs

Total: 126 foot, 19 mounted & 1 humungous troll

So, the grand total for 2009:

452 foot, 92 mounted, 9 guns, 1 limber & 1 humungous troll!

Best of all - no commission work - all for me (oh, and my youngest son of course!)

So, I'm thinking not too shabby with a full-time job and finishing a uni degree AND 'home duties' (as directed!).  We'll see what we can do for 2010 - should be even more productive after I've finished uni.

Oh, and I know I was supposed to post the finished Italians, but there's been a hold-up in production - the home duties I mentioned previously (here the theory that some holidays are actually unpaid labour comes into play).



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