Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Casualty markers nearly done

In between putting down the base colours for the Perry's cuirassiers, taking the family down the coast for a 'last hurrah' holiday break before school resumes AND flying back to catch (too late) the end of Cancon - I have finished the painting of the casualty marker figures.

These were my Frankenstein jobs on the casualty figures that came with the Perrys heavy cav.  I did a bit of slicing and dicing, turning the prostrate Brit into a dead Frog and then substituted some heads for the French dead'uns.  The one in the pokalem will be a Legere, the one appearing to look up in a 'what the...' dazed pose a Ligne fusilier and the converted Brit with skewed pack and (Victrix) musket one of the Emperor's 'cousins' of the Chasseurs D'Elbe.

The dead Guard Chasseur has his shako sliced open and a matching sabre cut to the bonce to hint at the means of his demise!  There's a bit of red stuff near the head which, as I'm not a fan of too much gore (oh so gauche don'tcha know?) will be toned down by the base flocking.  Speaking of which, one of the reasons for trying to make Cancon before the traders packed up was to get hold of some Stiflor grass - but no luck - I'll just have to use my own flocking mix - flockit!

  Sliced up shako - but not too much tomato sauce - we like 'em to be 'tastefully' dead!

What the 'eck was that and where's me 'effin' hat!???

Legere having a lie down...

Next Napoleonic post will be the finished markers and progress on the cuirassier.  I did manage to get a can of the Army Painter dip at Cancon (thanks Dave!) so now the debate is whether to try it out on the cuirass or something else.  

Hmmmm, decisions, decisions.  

I really don't want to stuff up the Perry's if it doesn't work the way I like/plan and amazingly (for me anyway) I don't have any other figures 'in production' at present.  Maybe I could try some 'spare' Victrix like the Gren command.  I think I'll have to paint something up for it.