Sunday, January 17, 2010

More 'Doc' art...

Thanks for the nice responses to my last posting, so while I continue to beaver away at the cuirasssier & dead'uns, here are two more of the 'lost' Kriegspieler cover artwork.  The first is the scan of the sketch of a French Hussar, taken from a photo of an exhibit of a 7th Hussar uniform at the Musee De Armee in Paris.

To be honest, I think the B&W version is better than the colour one I did - must have had difficulties in scanning the latter as the old colour jpegs were huuuuuge files! 

The next you'll recognise from the blog mast: 'Grognard' - depicting a Chasseur of the Guard in greatcoat as he may have appeared on campaign.

Please feel free to use the above and other artwork or photos, all I ask if visitors to this blog want to use them in their own or post them elsewhere is proper attribution - tell 'em where you got 'em and who did 'em.

Other than that - enjoy!  I've got to get back to my (too) rapidly drying paint!