Friday, January 29, 2010

'Bring Out Yer Dead!' - Casualty Markers Finished

Casualty markers done.  A fine selection of dead Frenchmen for your delectation. Including one sliced and diced ex-Perry's Pommie now looking much better as a dead Frog.

I'm inclined to agree with von Peter and others that it is a pity Perry's put him in a box of French rather than make a second pose for a French casualty figure.  However, plastic is nothing if not malleable with my trusty old scalpel - the slicing on the ex-Brit fusilier for example now includes a cut that has split the shako and the head to the bone.

Bad to the bone.


Sorry, just had a George Thoroughgood Moment.

Anyway, the dead'un in question.
Now I did say in my last post that I was deciding to experiment with the new can of Army Painter dip that I had acquired.  Matt gave me some good advice about painting it on rather than dipping.  So I tried it on the casualty markers.  I have to say it gives a really good lustre and subtle depth of shading - if you compare these pics with those in the previous post, you'll see what I mean.  Its the 'Strong Tone' can which is the middle effect one - and much more subtle than I expected.  Hit it with a good coat of flat matt varnish and the figure really comes up well.  I have to confess I had already used the usual washes before I applied the dip, but nonetheless it had a very good effect and gave them a really nice finish I think.

Second pic above not so hot - a very dark figure and the reflective light off the varnished board made it very hard to get it to focus.  But the 'cousin' casualty (Chasseur d'Elbe) marker turned out well and photographed much better under exactly the same conditions.

As you can see below, Unlucky Pierre's had enough of my inept photography and is rolling his eyes up in frustration...

..sorry, my mistake - that's the early onset of rigor mortis! (8-o)
Well enough of this morbid fascination.

Next week boys and girls, my zombie battalion...

No really, I hopefully will have made some progress on my cuirassiers.  Got some stiff competition out there in blogland too - never mind pro painter Sasha Herm, blogger Dean Motoyama has posted some absolutely beautiful Perry's cuirassiers and carabiniers on his 'WAB Corner' blog, the horses in particular are excellent! 

His results have inspired me to extractus digitus, put aside the scalpel and get cracking with the brushes.