Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year - new Perrys stuff

drool.gifJust saw some new announcements on the Perry's site - more plastics! 
In addition to the hussars, they're doing dragoons (including dismounted figures) in a similar set out to the heavy cav.  No release date as yet but they're tooling the dies for them now - as the Wars of the Roses box has now just been released, it should be within the next few months.  This is great news for Perrys fans and those wanting to collect affordable 28mm armies of the highest quality (IMO!)

The boys have been busy as in addition to this they have also released a comprehensive range of French horse artillery, both Line and Guard and the full compliment of both the limbers and ammunition caissons.   These are quite an achievement and I would encourage all serious collectors of late French Napoleonics to have a look at the pictures on the Perry's site of the finished article.  I'm sure the boys won't mind me posting one of them here:

You see what I mean?

What to do?

This is going to create quite a dilemma for me as I will of course have to acquire boxes of the dragoons and hussars but now also some very expensive limbers and caissons promising to put a large hole in the war chest!

The Minister for Finance (AKA She Who Must Be Obeyed) must not get wind of this too soon or all my careful hoarding will be for naught!  Ye Gods - I now may have to sell something - the End of the World is nye!!!


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  1. Hi
    These wonderful artillerymen will occupy too much terrain on a wargame table, but they look supeeeeeeeerb!
    Waiting to see your efforts (if you were able to attract the minister of finances to your cause)