Monday, April 5, 2010

WIP on the dismounted dragoons

An update of the Perry's dragoons (dismounted).  A few corrections made - putting the elite helmeted heads on the elite coy figures for starters.  Plenty of spare bits for the conversions and they paint up nicely.  Just on the last stages before the army painter and then the basing.

Also emailed Michael and Alan about some cavalry casualties - while they didn't say 'yes - what a great idea!' they didn't say no either and assured me that they intended to produce casualty sets for all their armies. 

Hmmm...  got me a thinkin' - the casualties for cavalry would involve dead horses - right?  Well I sent the boys a scan of the base they made for the giant LOTR elephant with all the dead Rohim (Alan sculpted it and included him and Michael amongst the carnage!) as a suggestion for a casualty stand.   Looking at this it now occurs to me that with spare bits from the cavalry boxes, you could conceivably make one or two yourself. 

So, while I'm sure Michael and Alan are now beavering away at cavalry casualty sets, the modeling characteristics of the plastic cav may allow for some of us to do our own.  Have to plan that one carefully methinks!

Meanwhile, some of the walking variety of dragoons to finish!