Thursday, April 29, 2010

Bring out yer dead... again

Likely my final post for a bit as I get into uni work - an effort long overdue!   Just tidying a few things up figure-wise as I clear the study 'decks' of painting impedimenta & finishing off most of my casualty markers.  They are all infantry as making cavalry ones at 28mm is just too much mucking about - I have a few ideas mind - but it involves using some of the French cav horses i.e. for every marker, one less mounted figure so some careful consideration is required.  What I did think of though was using the old Airfix dead horses - I have plenty of 20mm casualty markers including a number I made up for cav. 

The above are a Russian hussar, Austrian uhlan and cuirassier, follwed by a French one & two horses, one French cuirassier, one Austrian.  I have another half dozen or so in 'production' which should provide enough for an average game.

I realise that they are a tad on the small size BUT they are about the same as 28mm infantry markers and as they are meant to be symbolic after all, shouldn't look too out of place.  Damn sight easier to make up as well!

The above are the 28mm markers - most converted casualty figures from the two Perry's French cav sets or from their metal casualty set.  My favourite is the Legere carabinier figure with bearskin courtesy of the dragoons (both on the back with outstretched arm are converted British fusilier figures).  The others are a mix of Foundry and ? - mostly earlier French.  I enjoy making little vignettes for many of them - the bits and bobs you get with most plastic sets providing plenty of accessories for the battlefield!

As always, any comments are most welcome and click on the pics to see the enlarged version.