Friday, April 2, 2010

Perry's Dragoons have arrived!

The Easter Bunny delivered a nice little present yesterday - my new Perry's French Dragoons!  They are as nice as I'd expected and given the amount you get in the box, relatively inexpensive to get mailed out to Down Under (works out at less than $UK 22 or a smidge over $AUS 35 or $US 32  - not bad at all).  For that you get 13 mounted and 8 dismounted dragoons as well as six casualty figures per box.

The only disappointing thing are the extra casualty figures - they just added the same French and British dead'uns that they made for the French Heavy Cavalry set.  Frankly I would have preferred one or two dragoon casualties which would have been far more useful.  That said, if you use Black Powder or a similar rule set - you'll need plenty of casualty markers - so they won't go amiss!

Needless to say I got stuck into making them up right away.  With the two boxes I ordered I'll make up two mounted and one dismounted regiments - so I started with the dismounted first.

All the dismounted figures are dragoon troopers so I decided to add a little variance by creating a sous-officer and an elite company, plus some head variants - bare-headed (its a Victrix one) and with peaked forage hat (also used by cavalry regiments).  I added some epaulettes for the elite co figures.  That's what I love about working with plastic figures - the possibilities are endless! 
Detail of officer and elite coy conversions - the forage cap head is a Perry but all the lighter bits are Victrix

Well it looks like I've got some more painting ahead but they look like great figures and if they turn out as well as the cuirassiers I'll be well pleased.

I've just done a quick edit of the blog to include a shot of the mounted figures made up.  As expected, they are great looking figures and I'm looking forward to painting them up.  One thing I noticed though - if you do a full regimental command (trumpeter and flag/eagle bearer) you'll use two of the three torsos with the officer figure, which will leave you one short if you want to do two elite company figures.  The problem is solved by slicing and gluing on an epaulette to one of the other full figures - much easier than transplanting one of the additional elite coy torsos!  If you want to create a pre-1812 trumpeter, use one of the elite torsos and either mark, paint and add the chevrons to the right sleeve or shave or bog the ones on the trumpet arm.  That's the great thing working with plastics - conversion is not only possible, but often desirable!
And yes, that is one of the British casualty figures in the foreground - just recovering from extensive surgery turning him into a dead French grenadier!