Sunday, April 11, 2010

Perry's French Dragoons (dismounted)

The following are the French dragoons dismounted - effectively the dismounted figures from two boxes with about half a dozen conversions with other arms and heads etc, from other Perry's Napoleonic sets.  A total of 16 figures - enough for two 12 figure regiments dismounted.

Dragoon skirmish line
 Elite company in front
Dragoon skirmish line emerges from the orchard
 Junior officer and company brigadier
Dragoon skirmishers emerge from the apple orchard
Elite company
Dragoons forward!
 L'mort de Legere

I love these figures - I think they are the best of the Perry's 28mm plastics to date. I'll have to tackle the mounted dragoons next, but before that I have some mutinous Sepoys to paint!