Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Some more Front Rank and Foundry 1812 Russians.

Now what post on the Russians would be complete without the Pavlovs? Gotta have Pavlovs! The FR ones are particularly nice figures to work on. My biggest beef with these is the flags I gave 'em - technically correct but far too low a quality print and heavily pixellated - you can see jaggy edges, which we hate - it offends the graphic designer in me (my old trade) as I should have done better - now yet another thing on the 'to-do' list!

Now I've 'done' the Russians, some of my personal favourites - my French Napoleonic collection. I have some Front Rank figures but, as usual an eclectic collection of all sorts that used to be dominated by Elites but 'reinforced' first with Foundry Bavarians and more recently with beautiful Perry figures. I've taken a liking to their HD plastic 28mm, augmented with command and casualty sets from their complimenting metal range and am pleased with the results I'm getting. The more FR and Perrys I paint, the more I feel I've actually been able to better hone my painting skills on these figures. Not unreasonable I should get more eh? Try telling the Minister for Finance (aka She-who-must-be-obeyed) that one! Should of seen the look I got when she caught me putting together the latest Perry's cuirassier set! ('Not more figures - how many can one man have? Do you really NEED all those? etc etc) - you get the idea. The answers to those quite reasonable questions - 'as many as you can' & 'yes - and much, much more...' didn't go down to well either...

Some of me Perry lads looking thoroughly miserable on campaign.
Next post I'll show how I made 'em that way!

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