Sunday, November 15, 2009

Painting Perry's Part 3

The other units I created were the 55th Line (who I've nicknamed 'Regiment Des Miserables'!) and a Middle Guard unit reportedly part of the Hundred Days; the Chasseurs Ille D'Elbe - mainly Corsicans.  The 55th benefited from my obtaining the greatcoat command - they fit in nicely with a pair of helmeted Port Aigle and again, a few casualty figures to make them more interesting.

The Chasseurs D'Elbe are in green coats like the regiments Etranger but one source has the officers in the plain blue surtouts, others in green.  Given the equipment and uniform shortages and confusion at the time, some regiments, even the Guard, were not particularly well dressed.  I've tried to make this lot look quite distinctive.

I like the skirmish figures so I've given one a nice hole in his shako and he's just about to reload and deal with the cheeky sod that mangled 'is 'at!
Still some work to complete on the Chasseurs - 3 x 12 figure bttns, just finishing the 1st & 2nd bttn cmds and I'll have one in full skirmish order, which I'll post at some future date.

Now last but not least - the guys in greatcoats - 'Les Miserables'