Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Further to my last post, here are some of the Russians in the collection. I've concentrated on Front Rank for the most part, heavily augmented by some very nice Foundry figures. Some Elites snuck in there too as well as the usual odds and sods. Pride of the collection is the Russian Horse Artillery battery. As FR don't do limbers and such, I mixed in one with an FR figure that matched perfectly - the team being held by one artilleryman while the other fetches shot from the reserve locker under the limber seat. Comes together as a nice little vignette for those rule sets like WRG and yes, they play it here (for those skeptics out there - the Canberra WRG group has written a heavily amended Aussie version that actually seems to work well as horse & musket rules). Together with the Horse Arty is FR's Bagration - on the rearing horse of course - and Platov, looking every inch the Cossack general with his jewel-encrusted mace bommy-knocker. I have a regiment of Don Cossacks to go with him - beautiful FR figures again - but I am informed by my WRG purist friends that I stuffed the basing up (too small for irregulars, too big for regulars). Which will be a real pain to fix - but them's the breaks!

Russian Horse guns - Front Rank with converted limber

Russian Cav Bde

Last but not least, Platov with some Lithuanian Uhlans
(Front Rank of course) with some Elites just sneaking into the shot!


  1. Lovely pics Doc, I really like the Lithuanians though they made me realise I've painted mine with white epaulettes instead of red. Are the lance pennons from GMB?


  2. Thanks Noel - the pennons are mine curtesy of my printer and some PVA glue!