Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The new Perry's Heavy Cav

The Perry's sent us a couple of boxes of their new French Heavy Cavalry recently and I finally got around to making a box of them up.  As expected, they are beautiful figures.  The horses are well sculpted in animated poses with the proportions looking right for big blokes on big 'orses!  Only criticism - there are some joint lines visible and the cartridge boxes attached to the back of the saddle rather than on the figure is a bit iffy.  If you were a pedant you could remove and glue to the back of the cuirass but I couldn't be bothered - I don't think it'll detract from the figures when painted up.

An advantage is 14 figures per box.  With two boxes I plan to run them as two 8 figure Cuirassier units and one 12 figure Carabinier - making one brigade of 'eavy cav!  Unfortunately I'll have to wait to paint 'em up as I've a rather large uni assignment to finish but these look superb figures.
            What you get in a box - all made up.

The next in the Perry's production line are French Hussars - from the preliminary models on their site these promise to be amongst the best Perry plastics yet.  Can't wait!

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