Thursday, June 24, 2010

Dragoons Command & Elite Squadron

I decided to finish the command and elite squadron for the 4th Dragoons, as a prelude to doing the eight troopers that are about half done.  Happy with the way the elites turned out but had problems with the command stand, the officer figure in particular.

I decided to use the Army Painter on them this time (save for the Sapeur Chef figure who just needed basing and varnishing).  It certainly helped with the ordinary job I did on the officer.

For some reason the varnish crackled on parts of the officer - most noticeable on the horse.  The shade dip had been left overnight and was completely dry - the only thing I can think of was the varnish went on just a tad too thick on one or two places and dried unevenly.  Blasted nuisance and ruins what was otherwise a reasonable job.  I got the hairdryer onto it and pressed the ridges down as best I could while it was softer which has mitigated the worst of it but still... grrrr!

Much better was the trumpeter and his grey which I am happy with.  I could find no reference to the trumpet cords for the 4th but which on others have been a lemony yellow, red or white or multi-coloured with red, green and white strands.  It was all a bit much so they've been left white - I think they still look OK.  The other thing I did for one or two of them was cut the cartridge box off the back of the horse and glue it to the figure.  A bit more fiddling about but no more annoying gap when the figure is seated.

The other detail that was needed was the nice Perry's flag that came with the box insert.  I changed the '2' for a '4'.  The standard pole I have left black but they may have been that nice azure blue colour like for many infantry regiment eagles.

I also debated whether or not I should equip the command stand with musketoons and decided in the end not to do so.  If it turns out they all carried them, I can always add them at a later date but for now they look fine without.

Much more to my liking were the Elite Squadron led by Chef de Sapeurs Eugene (careful with that axe...)  Guess I'm just a sucker for a nice tall bearskin hat - they look so cool - must have been a bugger to keep on your head though! 

That's it for painting for the next few weeks as I finish my uni work and then go back to the day job.  I will finish the regiment off hopefully next month and post the results but I've also got an ACW Virginian Military Institute regiment to do for a future Black Powder game - so plenty to do other than just paint French cavalry, delightful as that may be!