Sunday, June 20, 2010

Converted Perry's French Dragoon

After looking at the Perry's French Dragoons I decided to use two boxes to do a large regiment - say 24 figures - which would give me two for casualty bases/markers.  In doing so I decided to do a full command stand with 'tete de colon' figures which similarly to infantry is an officer, standard bearer, musician and sapper.  Originally being mounted infantry, dragoons uniquely had a small mounted sapper unit of about eight men led by a senior NCO (Chef de Sapeurs) and I felt this figure would make an ideal one for the Head of Column' command stand.

I was inspired by the Detaille painting of a dragoon sapeur with the captured standard.

For reference I used the late Angus McBride's wonderful illustration in the old Osprey's 'Dragoons and Lancers'  (Plate C2) of a Chef des Sapeurs of the 19th.  The Perry's figures being in a post-1810 uniform, I made my guy into a Chef of the 4th Regt.  

Although they were usually reserved for trumpeters, as he was an 'elite' of an elite as it were, he's a bit special so I mounted him on a grey.  My other license was to give him a unique chopper.  Being the boss I thought he deserved a special version with a bill-hook reverse and a spike (I have seen one like it) - a bit more useful than the usual bit of cutlery!

The apron that all sappers wore was folded up under the belt so didn't need to be shown.  The brass badge on the cross belt is off a French infantry shako. The axe arm was the dragoons standard bearer's arm with an epaulette added. The only other significant bit I needed to add was a beard! 

I'm happy with the way he turned out.  I just have to base the figure, which I will do on a single, so I can add him to the command stand or elite squadron stands as required.

I was supposed to be having an Indian Mutiny Black Powder game today but have been struck low by the dreaded throat lurgy for days, so didn't really feel up to it.  Lack of any voice other than a strangled croak doesn't help either.  So next best thing is to paint up some dragoons and hope my fellow gamers will excuse my 'no-show'!