Monday, February 8, 2010

As promised some painted figures - Late Renaissance army!

I've progressed the cuirassiers - laid down some tone on the horses, finished all the metallic minus washes - so we're now at a more steady rate of production which, for me, is slightly faster than a glacier.  Cleaning out the wargame storage area in my garage I came across some really nice figures I had put aside last year.  They are Late Renaissance mainly Swiss and German, mostly Foundry figures with one or two GW and Old Glory.

I decided to get rid of most of them because none of my mates here had an interest in the late Renaissance period - wars in northern Italy - which was a pity as its a colourful period and with guns starting to make a serious impact on the battlefield, interesting to play.  Nonetheless I recorded many of this collection, some of which I kept so as to have an Empire-type army to battle my son's orcs.

Gentlemen, while I finish the cuirassiers at a cracking glacial pace, herewith some pretty pikey Swiss and filthy Landesknecht etc for your perusal.

Most of the Swiss arqbusiers are Foundry but Old Glory made some great figures for this period too - like the musician.
Some GW done up as Landesknecht with some 'Doppelsoldner' broadsword conversions - swords are Castaway Arts
Italian mercs - Venician crossbowmen - all GW figures
  German knights (GW figs - mostly plastic!)  the mounted are the most colourful and great to paint
More pretty boys on horses - French Gendammes, again all GW plastics just loved painting the 'barbers pole' lances (not!)
The reason I reckon this period is fun to game - BIG guns
One of my faves - an organ gun with the gunner taking a strong swig on the grappa before lighting her up!

So, perhaps a bit off topic for some of the readers of this blog but they are figures which I keep in the forlorn hope that one day I may be able to bring them out for a game!   To finish - a shot of what was (most of) the Renaissance army.