Thursday, January 13, 2011

Fantasy figure: Amaregus the Slayer of Old Age

A mate of mine just reached the dreaded big 5-0 and unbeknown to him, I've prepared a little present.  Basically its an Orc wielding a large axe that just happens to bear a passing resemblance to it's intended recipient (except my mate isn't green of course!)

To commemorate my friend's roguish and conspicuous aging I have him/the orc 'slay old age' as it were and I have the orc's boot on the head of the former Empire gunner playing the part of 'Old Age'.  A bit of slicing and dicing (the head mainly) and cleaning up the rather worse-for-wear and paint encrusted orc, and giving him a face-lift (if that's the proper metaphor to use for an orc!) and it all came together in a quaint but suitably gruesome vignette.

The result is 'Amaregus - Slayer of Old Age':

So there you have it.  A few hours work on a rainy afternoon and an old figure gets a new life. That's the thing about doing fantasy figures - they are a lot of fun and you can let your imagination rip!

Fun and frivolity over, its now back to my very serious FPW Prussians.  Just finishing off my Von Bredow command stand for the 'Tottenritt' 12th Bde: "Vorwarts Mein Kinder!!!"