Tuesday, March 9, 2010

5th Cuirassiers

The 5th Regt of Cuirassiers est fini!  They can be fielded as 16 figures in two understrength units or as one 12 figure full strength regiment (representing 600 cavalry @ 50 men per figure).  As 4-500 strength regiments were common, there are enough to do two such regiments. 
To go with them I've made magnet adhesive movement trays for 12 figure regiments and slightly smaller ones for 8 or 9 figure units - the plastic figures stick well to the trays.  The command for the second unit is the trumpeter with the regimental senior NCO, a Marechal De Logis, denoted with the command stripes on the sleaves.
I know I'd need at least two more figures to make two 9 figure units but I'll have to see if I've enough Carabinier to do so - as I want to field a historically accurate 5-600 man regiment of them (the next project after the 2nd regiment of Victrix Italians) from the second box of French cav.
 This is all in anticipation of the two boxes of Perry's Dragoons I have on order too.  They look like such nice and varied figures I might just drop everything to do a regiment of them when they arrive!  Alan Perry has advised me the Hussars are scheduled for release in April too.  I'll barely have time to do the dragoons before I order the hussars!  Oh well, that kind of pleasure - being spoiled for choice - is one I'll look forward to!