Sunday, August 26, 2012

American Civil War Rebs or Zouaves (and friends) redux!

Could not resist it.  Had a stack of photos that turned out well (for me that is - usually I ditch most of them) and being a bit disappointed with my Foxes Gap battle shots, I thought I'd process a few more of my Reb brigade. Nothing special - just 'caus I could!  But I am chuffed about how the figures turned out - getting very enthusiastic about ACW again.

L'attaque des Zouaves

Wait for it... wait...  yep, I can feel another Perry's order comin' on! (OK - that was just for my fellow bloggers - do NOT tell She Who Must Be Obeyed - Minister for War and Finance who will likely remain unimpressed with my conspicuous purchases of yet more figures!)

Blame it on the Redoubt Zouaves I fixed up - if they hadn't turned out so well...  I love the detail on these figures, they are so well sculpted.  Second only to the VMI ones I already had.

What I've done with these photos is to add a few atmospherics to suggest battle - under hot Federal fire, the VMI boys go in! (Brave lads those!)

The figures in the front (Zouaves, gun & crew) are Redoubt, those behind are Perry's - mainly plastics from their ACW Infantry box (couldn't resist, had to buy another box to complete a second Confederate brigade!)

The other 'Brave Colonel' figure came from the Perry's Zouave Command sprue - the officer figure with a different head (Victrix?) - just to mix it up a bit as the Perry's plastics only have one officer pose, which is a bit boring.

In addition to the infantry I will have to do a cavalry unit up.  Twelve figures mounted (Perry's plastic set?) plus same dismounted skirmishing AND two sets of horse holders.  I think I have to order those as they appear very hard to come by in 28mm.  I need a similar set for my ECW dragoons too - ah, decisions, decisions!

And that's the last one - the three command figures are metals of different makes mixed in with stands of Perry's plastics.  The Dixon drummer has a head like a melon but apart from that they don't seem too odd. Apologies for my indulgence, particularly as I haven't been posting much recently.  Hopefully be able to get onto some other figures (like my long awaiting Poles!) soon.