Tuesday, February 21, 2012

2nd Regt Tirailleurs Algeriens et al

Well, despite some family dramas and the dreaded return to work we have actually managed to finish a few more FPW French units, both for myself and on commission for my FPW partner in crime and chief lead pimp for our ever-expanding FPW collection for whom I did three battalions of Turkos - the Foundry figures (Zouaves) this time - making up the 2nd Regiment of Tirailleurs Algeriens.  Combined we now have nearly two of the three regiments of Turkos.

The command for the 1st Bttn of the 2nd Regt - a bit of minor conversion work on the standard bearer who was otherwise a Maximillian Adventure type: Turkos bearers didn't sport epaulettes so off they came! Note also the bases aren't flocked - my mate has his own special 'mix' so didn't want them done with my 'orrible flock!

The 2nd Bttn command - the bugler is one of my figures who, despite his height, seems to blend in OK.  I love the Foundry officer in the cape - sooo dashingly French nes pa? 

And the officer and bugler of the 3rd Bttn.  The three battalions are a nice mix of figures although I prefer my own deeper bases - and not a drop of Army Painter shade on any of 'em folks!

The 2nd Regiment of Tirailleurs Algeriens

In addition to the Turkos I managed to finish my regiment of cuirassier thanks to a few extra figures in greatcoat I acquired from said lead pimp!  Thanks to his generosity and having an extra odd-man-out figure with my dragoons, I was able with a bit of conversion work after raiding my plastic spare bits box, transform the dragoon and one of the cuirassiers into a command stand.

The addition of the cuirassiers in wet weather gear enable me to field a full regiment - formidable messieurs! 

Last but not least I re-vamped my cavalry brigade/division command stand.  In this I just used my spare Chasseur d'Afrique on picket as mon General's escort.  The Chasseur is in a late war kepi, used more in the Republican phase of the conflict but [Gallic shrug] zat ees a minor detail, non?  And 'e still looks tres tonifiant in 'is tight sky blue jacket and baggy red britches!

Mon General  we have seen before but still haven't got a positive ID - possibly a mounted MacMahon figure?  Who knows - he's in charge of the cavalry now!

Well that's it for now - still got masses of figures to choose from to start next. So many that deciding which is a bit of a struggle. Should I continue the FPW theme and start on the Wurttemburgers or perhaps go back to Napoleonics and do my new Perry's Hungarian Grenadiers or the Victrix Landwehr  or even my Perry's Polish Lancers?  What do my regular blog visitors think?