Monday, December 12, 2011

Les Turkos Algeriens - fini!

After my little foray back into Napoleonics (my first love in collecting/gaming I admit) it was back to finishing the FPW French.  I have several battalions of infantry to do and a regiment of Spahi (Algerian native cavalry).  I'm itching to get at the latter but had to finish my second Turkos battalion.

All Askari figures save the Bearer - he's a Castaway Arts - and the Eagle Standard he's holding is a mish-mash of Foundry bits!

The Askari Miniatures Turkos are really nice figures, although the very long rifles and bayonets are rather thin - I've lost the odd bayonet or two along the way (before purchase).  The figures didn't come with a Standard Bearer so I borrowed one from my Castaway Arts FPW French, then chopped up some Foundry flags to create the Eagle without the full flag, just the ribbon which was frequently carried into action.  Maybe a bit of licence here but I think it looks OK for the command stand.

I particularly like the officer figure, who I have tried to paint as more Algerian than French

The officers were usually French but there were some native North Africans (Arab or mixed-race) officers so I've made our commander more of a native Algerian with one of those attractive Muslim beards sans moustache - what a look! [Note to self for next 'Movember': grow a mo or grow a beard WITH a mo but never, ever grow a beard without the mo!]

The other figure I particularly liked was the very beardy NCO (what a hairy lot they were in those days!).  Note also I've given them their full dress blue pantaloons - hey, they're the 1st battalion - they gotta look snappy!  The second battalion have the bleached linen baggy pants to differentiate between 'em.

!st & 2nd Battalions, 1st Regiment Turkos Algeriens (part of McMahon's 2nd Division)

Some of these guys carry those remarkable packs that seem to have everything but the kitchen sink in them.  I read somewhere they actually were given permission to take them off before attacking, which I'm sure would have been a bit of a relief for the Turko soldats.  You can see what they packed in the next photo - very tiring lugging that lot around I'm sure!

2nd Bttn command - probably miffed at one of those damned Arab types being given command of the 1st battalion, 
so I've given him a bit more braid on his uniform and cap to compensate. 

Well that completes my French 'exotics' - the infantry anyway - they were brigaded with a Zouave regiment and a line infantry regiment.  Just one battalion of line to finish the brigade.  Then I'll do the cavalry - even more colourful - but I haven't been in the rudest of health. A dreaded lurgy that keeps coming back, so between that and work going crazy, I'll have to leave off most of my painting until after Christmas.  

I'm unlikely to post again before Christmas so for those who regularly visit my little blog and particularly to those of you kind enough to take the time and leave a comment, thanks for taking an interest in Docs' 'Art of War' for another year.  

Season's greetings to all and best wishes for the New Year to you and yours from Doc.