Friday, November 18, 2011

'Movember' - a bloody good cause

As the many visitors to this blog may or may not know, I usually refrain from naked appeals for money, and particularly on behalf of others, but on this occasion I'll throw caution to the wind.

You see my eldest is on a quest.

Its a very noble quest.

Its a quest to grow a mo.

He's part of 'Movember' and is trying mightily to grow a mo like his old man once had - see the above pic (not really)

So, think of a skinny Lebanese version of Burt Reynolds with a Zapata and you'll get the picture.

He will definitely NOT look like this showoff.

So, like Kitchener says, your country needs YOU - not to grow a 'tache like him - but to donate to those who are trying to emulate famous mos through the ages.

You see its for a very good cause - research into men's prostate cancer - which kills far, far too many of us middle aged bewhiskered chaps every year.

The figures are as bad as those are for breast cancer in women or even worse because with us it frequently goes unreported and thus undiscovered until its too late (if you're aged 40 or over and haven't done so yet, go and have your prostate examination NOW!)

Follow the link below and donate (click on the 'Donate to me' button on the left hand side) to a very worthy cause for us blokes:

It would do a young lad's confidence no end of good if he could see that his scraggly rat-like whiskery sprouting will eventually flourish into a luxuriant mustache of the sort sported by famous generals and film stars, encouraged by generous (tax deductible) donations from bloggers all over the world!

Donate and no doubt he'll end up just like a chip off the old block!