Friday, October 14, 2011

More FPW painted - the French cavalry

While between Kokoda games I decided to get stuck into my Franco-Prussian Wars figures and now having finished the Prussians, paint up the French.  I'd done about half the cavalry but with various figure swaps and new acquisitions, had a small brigade's worth (and command) to do.

I used the Alphonse Neuville painting of a Dragoon of the period as a reference - great artwork I reckon!

The figures are mostly early Foundry and represent a Dragoon regiment, a small Cuirassier unit and a mounted command (general & escort).  Finished they represent two small cavalry brigades - one light, one heavy.

French Line Dragoons regt. - early Foundry figures - small but good!

The French trot out to meet the enemy in the afternoon light - en avant mes Amie!

Of the Dragoons the command figures are particularly well-sculpted. Dunno who did these for Foundry although the Perry's did do a lot of their FPW range I believe - the officer in particular is a classic if he's one of theirs or not.


 The trumpeter is not too shabby either, as French trumpeter's go!

The other mounted command is of mixed origin - the Dragoon escort is Foundry but the mounted general (who looks to be a mounted figure of French FPW General McMahon) isn't.  Slightly larger than the other Foundry figures at 28mm? - the early Foundry are closer to true 25mm.  Mightn't be appropriate but he'll do for my cav bde general.

Pardon Mon General - but you appear a little out of focus zis morning!

The others finished painting and basing are the Cuirassier of which I managed to obtain 8 figures (but alas, no command).  They are smallish (true 25s) early Foundry that come with separate sword arms in resting or charging poses.  Not the greatest figures in my opinion but hey, they're cuirassier - so what's not to like?

We are small but we are MIGHTY - chaaaarge!

Followers of this blog may have noticed a certain trend in the posts. I admit to a fairly eclectic mix of historical periods and even the very odd bit of fantasy BUT if there's one lot that are truly over-represented here it'd be French cavalry.  Well, they are pretty boys ain't they?  Second Empire nearly as nice to look at as the First. One'd be forgiven for thinking my Napoleonic armies consist mainly of French and mainly of cavalry. They aren't and they don't but somehow there are still heaps of cavalry to paint up - Perry plastics and metal - which I will have to have another serious go at soon.

One thing that happens when collecting so many figures is that there's always one or two left over that you don't know what to do with.  The FPW French cav are no exception as I ended up with a spare dismounted dragoon (could do with a few more of those - still on the hunt!) and a late (Republic period FPW) Chasseur d'Afrique - who was going to be my general's escort but is now officially the scout!  Nice looking figure so I felt obliged to paint 'im!

But my FPW French cavalry are finally finished - I now have all the cav, artillery and commands done and seven battalions of infantry also finished - with another seven to go!

The complete cav: Chasseurs d'Afrique in front with Guard Lancers behind, the Heavy's (Dragoon & Cuirassier) in back and cav command in between.

Just finishing a battalion of Turkos (Algeriens mon amie) to go with the Zouaves to make up one infantry brigade.  The plan is to have another line brigade (x 4 bttns @18 figs each) and one of Guard, of which half the figures are now done.  Once that is completed I will have finished the biggest wargaming projects I've ever taken on - two complete and complimentary FPW armies. Now just to find a decent rule set to game them with...