Sunday, December 5, 2010

5th Hussars

Finally after no posts for almost a month, I finished the Perry's French hussars I started back in June. It has been quite a task even after finishing uni - work has been very busy and a few health issues and, well...  just not as speedy as I once was.  Old age is a bugger and at times its hard to get enthused. But Perry's are beautiful figures and as I've got boxes of 'em, I had to finish what I started.  So here are the results.  I've done them up as the 5th Regiment about 1809.  Probably should have done the shakos in black waterproof coverings, but that's something I can always change later, it is bothers me too much.

You can see the command stand I did earlier and the elite squadron behind them, also in kolpacks.  There are four squadrons each of four figures - roughly 1:30 figure ratio.  I have enough spares to add two figures per squadron if I want to expand the unit.

The regiment by squadron - turn to pages 4 & 5 of your Ospreys boys and girls (that's 'Napoleon's Hussars' by Emir Bukhari) - it can represent the colonne par divisions or serre' where the companies are expanded into a single line.

Oh what the heck, bugger the formation - just chaaaarge!!! 
The command.
The command (1st) and elite squadrons

Detail - Elite squadron
Elite Squadron - back detail.

Detail 2nd Squadron.  The one without his shako is a Victrix head with Perry's cadinettes!
 The 5th Hussars - back detail

That's the lot for Napoleonics for a while - too many other projects.  Must try and arrange a game or two with them but for the moment I've just finished the second Kokoda battle - or rather East Kokoda - the West portion will have to be early next year.  When I sort the photos and get Andrew's write-up(?) I'll post on it,  meanwhile, enjoy the hussars. Don't forget to click on the pics for enlargement and feel free to leave a comment.