Monday, October 11, 2010

More from Doc's cabinet

Had to do a huge clean out and dusting which provided an excuse for some more shots of the figures in my cabinet. Its between half and two-thirds of the 25/28mm figure collection.  I really should have bought another cabinet when I had the opportunity - and you didn't need to take out another mortgage to get one!

The Austrians shelf - Archduke Charles and his lads
The other side of the shelf - Austrian Line Division
The lower section of the cabinet - Polish Commonwealth army (circa 1640s)
Thirty Years war German Imperialist Pike & Shot
One of my favourite TYW figures - Prince Rupert: 'So, vair ist mein poodle?'
The bottom shelf - Franco Prussian War French - Zouave & Line Bdes, battery with Mitrailleuse
French 2nd Empire Line Bttn - Foundry and (Australian) Castaway figures
Bit of an eclectic collection but all fun to game with.  I'm in the process of doing a FPW Prussian army to go with the French - nearly finished the cav and artillery, just a horde of Landser (German footsloggers) and command to go.  And then there was my Minifig's Napoleonic Poles - over 70 foot and 40 cav and looking to do a battery - if I can find some small guns to fit the 'true 25mm' Minifigs. 

Couple of days to finish off my last uni essay and I'll be able to get stuck into the real work!