Monday, May 24, 2010

More artwork for your blogging delectation

As promised, after finishing some uni work (5,000 word APA referenced essay - phew!) I dug out a few more of the drawings.  Apart from the line art of the AWI Hessian, I do feel these are definitely 'second string' drawings.   I do have a 'clean' colourized version of the Hessian but its also in the Kriegspieler cover art on an earlier post, so I thought the line art would be better.

As before, all artwork is copyright to me, so feel free to download it for personal use, but if you re-post it on the 'net, or reproduce it by other means, don't forget to attribute it!  I have been warned about posting original artwork on the 'net so excuse me if I now sound totally paranoid - psychotic even - BUT if I find it advertising something else or claimed as artwork by anyone but me (as one may guess - its happened before!) I shall be obliged to track down the lowlife perpetrator and shoot them in the head with a tank.

There, can't be fairer than that!

The carabinier was meant as a colour guide when I was painting up the Italeri set (1/72 plastics) some years ago.  I got the perspective wrong on the cavalryman and somehow foreshortened the body in the saddle and for the life of me couldn't redraw and fix it - didn't like the horse much either - not a great head on him.  I gave up in the end and just coloured it in - more important to get the figures painted!

I always had a fascination with Napoleon and his Egyptian campaign with its exotic uniforms and the wild Mameluke horsemen he vanquished so the next one is of a Mameluke of the Imperial Guard.  Again, I like the uniform but not the head on him.  Perhaps one day I'll re-do it.  I did have a much better looking coloured version but I think that one went 'West' a long time ago.  With the remaining line art colouring is always an option, so I may do that.

It was also intended as a colour guide for some 20mm plastic Mamelukes (HaT I think) a 'connoisseur' figure of which I did up to see how detailed I could get something that size. While a fairly pedestrian figure, I ended up with a good result from the painting. A picture of him may be on an earlier post on this blog (my 20mm French?). 

The last one is of a Polish Vistula Legion (with Napoleon's army in Northern Italy) Horse gunner.  It is a dream of mine that one day someone like the Perrys will do a complete 28mm set of Polish horse artillery in czapka.  Meanwhile I'll keep scribbling them because I like 'em so much.  My next project (well, ONE of my next...)  is a Polish army.  As followers of my blog will know from my postings, I do like doing French allied troops: Italians, Bavarians, Badeners etc, etc.
Its also my only one in action - clearly I need a lot more practice drawing soldiers of that era in action!

Well retirement beckons (I know, I know - after university - go figure!?!) and I may just do a bit more of this purely for the satisfaction of well... just doing it right!

But until then, this is the last of the artwork I can find, so I hope my fellow blogsters like it but future postings will most likely be of more figures painted, not artwork. After the next uni assignment that is!



  1. Wow.... you are a true artist!

  2. Lovely work with the AWI Hessian grenadier Doc ... though I much prefer to squint a little and see a SYW Prussian grenadier!! 8O)

    von Peter himself

  3. Absolutely beautiful artwork - and my favorite subjects :)! Dean

  4. Thanks guys. Appreciate the kind comments. Its something I enjoy as much as painting figures in fact and I intend to get back into it again when I have the time.


  5. Doc - your artwork is fantastic; I very much envy your talent! Also, I agree with you that the French allies are often much more interesting to paint up than the French themselves.

    Best wishes